Selling your home takes more than just adding the listing into MLS and putting a sign on the front yard. There are several critical areas that must be addressed to ensure that you receive the best results when selling your home.


  • Home Preparation and Staging – Provide constructive suggestions and professional advice to make your home more appealing to interested buyers and sell for the highest possible value.
  • Professional Photos and Video – In most cases, hire a professional photographer to take appealing photos of your home to use in video and internet production.


  • Education – I will help educate you and keep you updated on the market conditions in your area. You will receive continual information on those conditions and home sales in your area; provide you with updates on activity regarding your home such as agent showings, open house attendance and feedback, agent tours, sign inquiries, etc.


  • MLS Exposure – Expose your home to thousands of agents in the Mid-Florida MLS system with professional photos and in depth descriptions.
  •  Other Forms of Exposure – Distribute flyers, brochures, personal announcements and E-Mails to Real Estate Agents in Central Florida region since not all agents have access to the MLS.


  • Public Internet Exposure – Market and Showcase your listing in over 500 websites nationwide, including,,,, HGTV, AOL Real, and many more.


  • Postcards and Mailers – Send your extended neighbors “Just Listed” mailers promoting and featuring the lifestyle benefits of your home.


  • Promotional Articles – Create flyers, Synopsis, Brochures specific to your home for buyers to reference your home’s features, lot, utility, tax and neighborhood information.
  • Easy Access to Showings – Provide an electronic lockbox for buyers’ agents to access in order to show the home. The lockbox will record the date/time and agent’s entry and exit of the home. If the home is occupied, instructions to contact me first in order to schedule an appointment will be provided, so that you are aware, in advance,  of the showing time and date. This will give you the opportunity to prepare the home for showing and exit the home in a timely manner.
  • Caravan, Broker Open and Open House Promotions – Featured in advance through the internet and personal invitation.
    1. Caravans and Broker Opens are strictly for Real Estate Agents to visit your home and provide their opinion on the condition and price. This will also provide them with the opportunity to get acquainted with your home for a possible buyer they may have in mind or future buyer.
    2. Open Houses are for the public such as neighbors who may wish to have a relative or friend move into their neighborhood and prospective buyers searching for a home in your area.
  • Professional Yard Signs – Yard signs allow a prospective buyer knoweldge that you’re selling your home and can call me to schedule an appointment. It is NOT recommended that you allow a prospect into your home without a Real Estate Agent.  You do not know what that person’s intention is. Agents generally obtain information from a prospect prior to accessing your home. Ask them to contact, me, your agent for an appointment. My information will be on the yard sign.


  • Tracking and Follow up – All home showings will be tracked through sign-in sheets and will be followed up with all agents who have shown your home, unrepresented and my personal prospects in order to answer questions and further motivate buyer interest.


  • Potential Buyer Offers and Evaluation – Ensure that buyers are pre-qualified and capable of closing on the purchase upon submission of an offer.  Cash offers must provide Proof of Funds.
  • Negotiations – Present all offers to you and negotiate for highest and best possible offer for your home.
  • Manage the Closing – Secure the escrow and coordinate with a Title Company the closing activities on your behalf to ensure a smooth and hassle-free closing.