Why list with a Realtor instead of selling the home “For Sale By Owner”

75% “For Sale By Owners” ultimately end up listing with a Realtor.

Real Estate Agents put more money in the “For Sale By Owner’s” pocket in less time.

On average, using a Realtor generates 24% more money in your pocket.

Full service real estate companies have been in business for 100 years for a reason.


8 Reasons Why

  1. The Law of Supply and Demand – The more buyers who have access to your property, the more valuable your property becomes and the quicker it will sell.
  2. Available Prospects – Studies show that each agent works with an average of 8 buyers at any given time. This means that if we have 1500 agents working with 8 buyers each, we’re currently working with over 12,000 potential buyers on file and it takes an average of 90 days from beginning to end to get a property sold.
  3. The longer it takes to sell a house, the more money the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) loses – With our large access of potential buyers, there’s a good chance that a Realtor will sell your house faster than you will and within the 90 days, otherwise, the cost for selling it yourself are as follows:
  • Mortgage rates can go up at any given time
  • New homes increase in value by 3%-4% above the rate of inflation
  • You might end up with two house payments
  • When rates go up, the value of existing properties go down
  • Cost of advertising
  • Personal time
  1. Buyers only shop For Sale By Owner to save a commission – Isn’t this the reason you're selling it yourself, to save the commission? Let me show you something that might change your opinion.
  • Introductory Meeting
  • Agency relationship spelled out
  • Information on all houses in their price range
  • Financing options explained
  • Financing Pre-approval arranged
  • Work out the cost of purchase
  • Tour the buyer around to all the potential properties
  • Supply a Market Evaluation
  • Draft the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Negotiate on the buyer’s behalf
  • Stay in contact with the buyer’s lawyer
  • After Sale follow-up program

If the objective is to save the commission, how do you save the commission twice? A Realtor’s services for a Buyer are FREE so if you’re making the largest investment of the average family’s lifetime, would you risk it by buying “For Sale By Owner” or would you use a realtor?

  1.  Realtors are trained to separate the Lookers from the Buyers – A true Buyer is ready, willing and able to buy today.
  • 70% of the people who show interest in buying a home cannot because they have what’s called frozen equity or in simpler terms, they have to sell their current home before they can arrange to buy another.
  • 11% do not qualify for financing and cannot afford it. The role of a professional Realtor, before ever introducing someone to your home, is to sit down with the buyer and go over financial details to make sure they can afford what they think they can afford.
  • 15% prefer to rent because after hearing about all the responsibility and effort that goes along with owning their own home, end up changing their minds. Their present lifestyle may not allow for the extra expenses.
  • ONLY 4% are ready, willing and able. How many of the interested couples that have seen your home fall into that 4%?
  1. Third-Party negotiating saves money – A Realtors job is to bring two people together to sell a product and retain them both as satisfied customers for future business and referrals.
  • Realtors are knowledgeable about market values and not emotionally involved. Realtors are also trained and highly motivated to negotiate a higher price because our commission is a percentage of the sale price.  The more money we get you for your property, the more money we get paid. So it only makes sense that we get you the highest and best price in the least amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience for you.
  1. Marketing Strategies = Exposure = More Buyers = More Money – Listing with a professional Realtor includes the following services:
  • Multiple listing service company
  • World-wide web
  • High-profile office location
  • National advertising
  • Local advertising
  • Sign identity
  • In-house mortgage financing
  • Home protection plan
  • On-going training
  • National relocation company
  • Open house weekends
  • Agent caravans
  • And most importantly.. ME.
  1. Security = Peace of Mind – It’s not safe to allow complete strangers into your home.

Five Questions you must ask yourself.

  • How do I ask someone to confirm with me that they are who they say they are before they go through my house?
  • How do I confirm whether or not they are tire kickers or even qualify for the financing to purchase the house?
  • Do I remove the sign from the front lawn every time I leave or is it wise to create a situation for strangers to come to my door when I am not home?
  • What is my time worth to me relative to all the family activities I could be doing?
  • Is all the work really worth it, when there’s no savings in the long run?